Welcome to Radium Themes support page. Here we will be tackling support questions for the following themes

NewsFront - http://goo.gl/1lDyLy

Newscore - http://bit.ly/1myaPs9

Please note that our support is limited only for purchased customers.

We are trying our best to let the theme run as it should be (ie. like the DEMO SITES). But we cannot provide any customization on the theme. Theme Customisation means modifying the appearance or functionality of the theme beyond what the theme options provide or the demo shows.

Also please understand that we cannot offer compatibility with each and every plugin out there.  They are way too many. We do test the themes with some popular ones however. Therefore if you encounter some compatibility issues report them to us and we will test and see if we can resolve them.  

Before submitting the ticket.

1. Make sure that you are running the latest version of WordPress. 

2. Make sure that you are running the latest version of theme. 

3. Make sure that you deeply checked theme's documentation and try to search for public tickets in case of someone else asked the same question before. 

4. Try to deactivate all plugins (except plugins recommended by the theme) and see if problem is resolved or not.

5. Update all plugins to the latest version.